Let there be light: Capturing the sun at Wyandra St

July 3, 2024

Whether it is enjoying a book in dappled light in summer, soaking in the hues of golden hour or basking in the winter sun, light is an important element in any home.

But how to best design homes that let in plenty of light to stay warm in winter, but not too much so you’re overheating in summer? And taking into account internal configurations to ensure the right spaces are lit in the right way?

Our Wyandra Street architect Phil Tillotson of Blackwood Architecture says striking the right balance is both a scientific process and an intuitive one, built on years of local knowledge.

With 20 years’ experience living and working in Noosa, Phil says his innate understanding of the local climate is key, but computers help too.

“Computer modelling easily enables us to check how light falls in our designs, orient it and test it at different times of year to ensure comfort – protecting the living room from too much sun in summer, but welcoming it in winter,” he says.

Considered design enables light to move through the Wyandra Street residences, with each home’s courtyard playing an important role in capturing light and amplifying it throughout.

“There are other features at Wyandra Street designed to draw in light, from floor-to-ceiling glazed windows, expansive voids over spaces and big windows,” he says.

“The courtyards and void spaces draw light in, warming the homes, while the specification of heavy, earthy materials hold the heat. The sun comes in, warming up the concrete slab, releasing warmth into the dwellings, while courtyards and voids enable cross ventilation and breezes to cool in summer.”

The result are homes whose expansive spaces feel even more so due to the abundance of light, but that also feature areas of beautiful dappled light for retreat.

“In Queensland there is a lovely ambiance that comes in from the south, so we want to work with that as well as northern light. You don’t always want light coming in at full force, or it means you’re living with the shades down and missing out on the connection to nature these homes have,” Phil says.

While a complex process, harnessing the beauty of light well is worth the effort. At golden hour and throughout the day.

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