MOLTI: Shifting perceptions about development

November 23, 2023

Every change starts with an idea. People find better ways of doing things, new concepts are created that evolve from the old way, new problems are tackled with new thinking.

In the development industry there is a move to shift perceptions. A change to move on from the “cut and carve” mentality of the old “white shoe brigade”, to restore faith through transparency and engage communities in the good that good development can bring.

It’s a movement that underpins the Molti approach.

It’s no accident that our purpose is to enhance human connection. Design, brought to communities via development and developers, can impact so much. It can make you feel safe, bring you joy, polarise, improve, enhance.

We believe in investing in design that communities can be proud of. That our purchasers can be proud of, and that we are proud of – still – in decades to come.

We believe in treating people well. In holding ourselves and our partners to high standards – standards that are about longevity and legacy. In understanding our communities and working with them, in their interests.

We believe in relationships. In values-based alignment with those we work with. In being creative when solving problems together.

We believe that this way of looking at the world can – and will – help shift perceptions about development long-term. Our cities need development – increased immigration, expanding populations, affordability challenges exacerbated by out-of-sync supply and demand, as well as changing lifestyles as older generations right-size and look for alternatives to aged care – are all pressures that require housing solutions.

If development can deliver better outcomes and foster human connection, perceptions will change. Assumptions about developers can evolve.

It is what we aim to achieve by approaching development the Molti way.

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