The Details: Enhancing human connection

May 8, 2024

At Molti, we’re not just developers of residential property, we see our role as architects of human connection. By purposefully shaping spaces that foster belonging and togetherness, we’re enriching lives through the homes that we deliver.

After many years working in various development companies, we founded Molti with a purpose to enhance human connection – a purpose that intentionally transcends bricks and mortar to illustrate just how impactful design and architecture is on our lives and our communities.

We believe in the ability of development to forge connection at a time when feelings of loneliness are at an all time high globally.

As a result, we infuse every step of our development process with this ethos – enhancing human connection.

We prioritise the integration of wellbeing and nature into our projects, designing green spaces to promote relaxation and rejuvenation, incorporating sustainable features that enhance our residents’ health and the environment, and fostering a sense of community that supports mental and emotional wellness.

Our purpose extends beyond just our sites. By volunteering in our community, celebrating others’ achievements and listening to those around us, we aim to enrich lives, empower communities and leave a lasting legacy of connection.

This comes to life in the way we collaborate with local residents, businesses and authorities to create the best outcomes for all. We team up with partners to ensure our developments reflect and enhance the unique spirit of each neighbourhood.

We believe this approach has the potential to reframe development and improve our neighbourhoods.

“Molti design considers how people connect with our buildings and how we enhance that experience – the experience of the residence, and the experience of dealing with us,” explains Molti co-founder and design director Matt Martino.

“It takes design beyond bricks and mortar and infuses connection through all that we do and all that we deliver.”

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