The Details: How we think about design

February 6, 2024

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

The words of graphic designer and author Robert L Peters go some way to describing the importance of good design on our world, our lives and our mental health.

At Molti, a commitment to design excellence underpins our work. We believe in the power of design to transform, that when you take a leadership approach and dare to experiment, the results can be astounding.

We are inspired by the design-led projects that have redefined entire cities. The incredible monument that is Mona in Hobart. Its concept was revolutionary. Its design was uncompromising. The development and architectural team weren’t concerned with the lack of precedent. They were unflinching in their vision and people changed their view of Hobart, Tasmania and even Australia. It is proof the impact that great design and ground-breaking developments can have.

We look at The Calile Hotel in Brisbane – a decisive style that many have copied since. A style filled with flow that has helped drive the regeneration of James Street.

These are projects that dared to lead, to take risks, be different. It’s how we think.

We’re also about the details. Because a successful project is built by caring about every aspect of a building.

Our designer Matt Martino is known for his obsession with the art of design. “When I look at plans I am thinking of what you’re seeing and feeling when you are living and using in the space,” Matt explains.

“It’s thinking about how we interact and experience our spaces. I’m less obsessed with northern light – people crave it and then put up curtains or create shade, which makes no sense. I think about daylight, how it flows through the home, illuminates, creates atmosphere. Great design considers what isn’t obvious, it challenges and inform the inhabitants.”

We believe that the best design may be subjective, but it is undeniable in the way it is enhanced by the right materials. And when united with craftsmanship, we produce places that are unique.

Great design is about legacy, and we’re committed to creating a legacy that our brand and our customers can be proud of.

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